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Our rules
  1. In our kennel, we follow the rules of the organization in which we are associated: The Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), belonging to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) and the Italian Lagotto Club (CIL).
  2. All our puppies have a birth certificate, which is a document that forms the basis to issue the pedigree confirmation. Since 1993 in Poland, all puppies in the litter receive documentation - there is no longer a problem of “excess of puppies", because every puppy has the same right to the birth certificate and pedigree.
  3. Puppies with disqualifying defects will also receive the records, but they may have a "non-breeding" or “non-exhibition" entry.
  4. Pedigree is a document confirming the origin of a puppy, not its breeding or exhibition value. Pedigree does not have an "expiration date". There is no obligation to show a pedigree dog at exhibitions. The owner may or may not show the dog. Only dogs with the pedigree of an appropriate kennel organization, e.g. ZKwP, may be presented at exhibitions.
  5. Since 1992, all puppies born in Poland are tattooed (ear or groin - usually the left side, sometimes the right side in breeds that are very popular). You can also chip puppies. It should be remembered that every puppy in a litter must be marked in one of these two ways. We chip the puppies.
  6. When the puppies are sold, a contract is written. It is not possible to buy a puppy without signing a contract. Therefore, the buyer can only be an adult, even if the dog is "for a child".
  7. The puppy is not a toy, it is not meant for entertainment for a child. Please make conscious decisions about buying to avoid unnecessary stress and tragedy for the dog and people.
  8. Puppies grow and grow in constant contact with people and other dogs. They are socialized from the moment of birth and have contact with various stimuli, which has a positive impact on their development and behavior. We encourage you to continue the proper socialization of your little puppy - we gain a great, balanced companion for many years.
  9. We encourage new owners of our puppies to contact us to show how their puppies develop or in case of any problems, questions or doubts.
  10. If you are interested, please fill in the questionnaire, which will help you choose the right puppy.
  11. We are happy to meet and introduce the breed and our dogs to all who think about Lagotto, but are not sure whether this is a dog for them.
  12. Puppies are staying with us temporarily, they are not "in constant sale", therefore we encourage you to pre-book your puppy.
  13. Puppies leave our kennel after being reviewed by the Polish Kennel Club (ZKwP), not earlier than at the age of 8 weeks, and often a bit later. They have the necessary vaccinations and deworming. In the case of going abroad, they live with us until they meet the veterinary requirements of the country they go to.
  14. Puppies are equipped with a layette. It contains items necessary in the first days in a new home and something that will delight the dog and people.
  15. Handing the puppy over to its new Caregivers takes about 2-3 hours. During this time, we provide necessary information, advice, and answer questions. We also provide them in writing.
  16. Everyone can count on our help in Lagotto matters, regardless of where their dog comes from.