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SORA Regun (at home Sora)
Sora appeared in our home in a very difficult time for us and other dogs - we have just lost Salsa.
Sora was to remain in the breeding as a working and breeding female.
The first weeks with us were devoted to showing her a whole new world, living in the city. Initially very stressed by such changes, yet after a few months she boldly faced new challenges.
She loves swimming, playing with its peers, a bit distanced from older dogs. She is extremely delicate when dealing with smaller dogs or puppies. Cordial towards people, quickly gains sympathy.
She grew up for a large bitch, has a beautiful head and harmonious body structure.
Intelligent, fast-learning, completed her first training with a fantastic result. Our bitch has learned [was learning] obedience and nosework.
In 2018 she gave a very large litter (9 puppies), which she looked after very well.
Best of all dogs greets us when we come back home :)