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SALSA della Cascineta (at home Mela)
Salsa surprised and captivated us with its composure and calmness. She went through, and actually slept the whole long journey (1500 km) with short breaks for a walk, food or drink, behaving calmly without a single squeak or whining. At home, it immediately made friends with Congo, they both played with each other since the very first day.
Like Congo, she changed her coloration. As long as the first brightened, the latter became darker. As an adult dog she was brownroan.
She grew up for a bitch with a beautiful shape of the head, very good angulation, perfect movement, correct size, very dark eye and nose. And most importantly: about the sensational psyche.
The calmness while traveling from Italy was “the calm before the storm”. Salsa turned out to be a brave bitch, to the limits of a virtuoso. Her true Italian temperament was manifested with crazy runs and leaps over everything and everywhere. She loved water and digging. She lost herself completely when swimming and digging.
Salsa was very friendly, loved people, played with children, could play ball for hours, was a tireless companion of trips and a discoverer of new places. She could also cuddle, lie down and cheer if necessary.
Watchful, courageous, was noticing every move, and alarming with a short bark when feeling something suspicious. She liked to howl :) That's how she reacted to signals of the fire brigade or ambulance, or the sounds of wolves on television - it was a "Singing with Wolves” lady :)
She indulged us with her character. We still find it difficult to get used to the fact that other dogs are not that brave and confident.
Salsa had only one disadvantage. She was ill, which we learned while waiting for its second litter. She had a kidney tumor, and although we were hoping to remove it on the occasion of the caesarean section to the very end, the last study showed numerous pulmonary metastases. There was no chance to save her.
She left us a dog from the H litter. Previously gave birth to five puppies in the G litter. All six inherited her lively and joyful character, giving joy to their caregivers. And to ourselves :)