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As part of introduction: about Lagotto and breeding Animus Amicitiae FCI
Our motto
Serve with the experience and knowledge about Lagotto Romagnolo to sympathizers of the breed. To everyone - those who are just planning to start their adventure with a dog and those who already have Lagotto, regardless of their origin.
What is Lagotto?
For some, it is a dog from the eighth FCI group, a water dog, small or medium height, proportionate, of strong build, with a natural, rural appearance and dense, curly and woolly coat..
For others, it's "what a nice sheep", "what a funny poodle", "can I pet?".
And for us ... Family members, friends and fellows. Passion and hobby, but also sacrifice. The dogs are good for any occasion. For a walk in the woods, for a walk around the city or lying on the couch. Inherent companions of our lives, without whom nothing can happen. Lagotto inspire us. It is no coincidence that our breeding is called Animus Amicitiae, which in Latin means the spirit of friendship.
We run a home breeding. In our understanding, dog breeding is not only about giving birth to puppies and sending them to new homes. It is also, and perhaps above all, care for goodness of the breed. Such a selection of parents that ensures passing good health and character as well as according features onto the next generation. We attach great importance to puppies’ socialization. We are always happy to give advice, help and share experiences with all interested in the breed.
We like to meet and talk about Lagotto - our favorite breed of dogs.
Anna and Kuba Harasymowicz