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IDEA Animus Amicitiae (at home Idka)
Idea was born in our breeding as one of five sisters in a litter of nine puppies.
She promises to be a bitch with a very balanced psyche, a great temperament for which there are no difficult situations and who learns very quickly. It is a very happy dog, as evidenced by the tail that lives its own life :)
She is distinguished by a harmonious construction, beautiful head, straight back and properly angulated and positioned limbs. He will probably be a brownroan.
Idea is granddaughter of PICASSO (Martelli), a beautiful dog, Multichampion and Interchampion. It is the daughter of HERMES Animus Amicitiae (FCI) (a dog whose parents are PICASSO and SALSA della Cascinetta - a pair of dogs imported from Italy), and our SORA Regun (also imported from Italy). From the second generation, the Idea has a purely Italian pedigree.
Idea has undergone her first training. We hope that she will accompany us (or maybe we will accompany her?) in numerous walks, dogtrekking competitions and that it will try itself at nosework.