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The history of Animus Amicitiae FCI breeding
Our adventure with pedigree dogs began in 1998, when the first cavalier king charles spaniel bitch came to the house. At the beginning of 1999, the kennel name Królewski Przywilej (english: Royal Privilege) was registered and all cavaliers in our kennel were born with it.
Founder of breeding, TOSIA Atavi Zw. Klub'2000 (27.06.1998 - 02.2011) was an extremely empathic, caring and friendly bitch. Both for animals of different species and people. When someone in the household struggled with a disease, there was an impression that Tosia would bring him tea to bed ;)
Although ourbitch did not achieve the greatest exhibition successes, she gave us motivation to learn the kennel world, including exhibitions and the rules that apply to them.
Tosia left one litter (litter A), born in 2000, whose father was INSEL von Raubritter. She turned out to be an extremely patient mother. And later she worked great as an "aunt".
In 2002, an adult cavalier Ch.Pl. Helandros JOSEPHINE (26.03.1998 - 03.2010) joined Tosia. The bitch imported from Estonia, combined excellent Scandinavian and English lines. She presented herself perfectly on the exhibitions, winning numerous medals. The confirmation of her mastery was taking the 1st place at the Best of Group IX when she defeated several great dogs from well-known kennels.
Josephine was a very balanced and calm cavalier bitch, trying to please her master all the time.
She left three litters. Two with the kennel name Kawalkada, one with the kennel name Królewski Przywilej (the father of the litter was ARES Królewski Przywilej). A few of her puppies won the titles of the Polish Champion.
From her last litter, the bitch Ch.Pl. COUNTESSA Królewski Przywilej has stayed in our kennel (15.01.2003 - 10.12.2017). From the first moments of her life she was distinguished by both physique, beautiful and saturated coat and character.
Like her mother, Countessa won numerous medals at exhibitions.
As a breeding bitch, she gave only one litter (litter D), of which the only dog presented at exhibitions quickly obtained the title of Polish Champion.
Always extremely polite, calm, this bitch had a "philosophical" disposition. She often sat on the grass and admired the clouds in the sky :) Throughout her life she was a faithful yet not thrusting companion.
Counti's death ended the breeding of cavaliers. During her life, we decided on a breed that was not well known in Poland: Lagotto Romagnolo.
The kennel name Królewski Przywilej (Royal Privilege) perfectly suited the cavaliers, but when choosing to change, we decided to change the name of the kennel. In June 2016, we registered the name Animus Amicitiae (FCI), Latin "The Spirit of Friendship".
The first representative of the Lagotto Romagnolo breed in our kennel was Regun CONGO (born on August 25, 2010), known at home as Bełtold. He comes from Hungary, although his breeder - Laura Tanos, undisputed authority among the lovers of the breed - later moved to Italy. He gave us a lot of joy, winning many titles at national and foreign exhibitions: C.I.B, Ch.Pl., Ch.Lv., Ch.Cz. The detailed results of exhibitions in which he participated can be found on our website.
Bełtold turned out to be an ideal companion for shorter and longer trips. He is a dog with a very strong character, ruling with a "hard paw" in our dog herd. It requires calm behavior from other dogs. Like a typical Lagotto: he loves to be among his people.
He became the father of the first litter (G litter) of Lagotto born in our kennel, already with the current name Animus Amicitiae.
In 2013, Ch.Pl. SALSA della Cascinetta came to us (14.09.2012-16.08.2016), known as Mela. She came from the Emilia Romagna, the region in Italy - which is the very heart of the Lagotto land.
Unfortunately, because of a disease, we had to say goodbye to her very quickly, too quickly. Just like us, Bełtold has never reconciled with Mela's death.
She made herself known incredibly courageous (sometimes at the edge of recklessness), cheerful, intelligent - a bitch with a lively, truly "Italian" temperament. Mela loved many activities, but had two passions: swimming and digging. A sandy beach by the lake or the sea was her element.
In 2014 she gave birth and raised (together with Bełtold) the first litter of Lagotto puppies (the G litter)). She left her only one puppy from H litter, who was brought up in a friendly Green Place Poland (FCI) kennel.
In 2016, Regun SORA came to us. She was born on April 23, 2016 in the same kennel as CONGO (Bełtold), and raised in the same place as SALSA (Mela). Sora also loves swimmming and digging, but she is less eager in it than Mela. She is also much more cautious, retains more distance to people, animals and situations.
This lovely bitch obtained breeding license without any problems, thanks to which in July 2018 we enjoyed the litter I (whose father was HERMES, born in our kennel). There were many joys, because as many as nine puppies were born. From the very beginning it was known that one of the bitches will stay with us.
The choice fell on IDEA (also called Ida, Idka). Full of fancy fantasies, lively, joyful. Fast learner. She promises to be a great companion for long hikes. She should also be successful at exhibitions.
Our kennel is a member of the Italian Lagotto Club (CIL) - an organization associating the best kennels of this breed.
Detailed information about our Lagotto and the events can be found on these pages. We also invite you to visit our private Facebook profiles, entirely devoted to our dogs. We are happy to answer questions and talk about our favorite breed. If possible, we invite you for meetings or joint walks. We emphasize that we are available in any Lagotto matters, regardless of the dog origin.