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CONGO Regun (at home Bełtold)
Congo came to us on October 30, 2010. He charmed us with his color (which changed with age) and calm, balanced behavior. We expected a crying puppy tired of a long journey, and it turned out that he is a very calm dog, open to new adventures. He settled in quickly at home, having two cavaliers, Tosia and Counti, as a company and playmates. He fell in love with water and swimming with retrieving from the first sight, and in fact from the very first moment of wetting the paw.
Congo grew into a dog with a harmonious structure, dark eyes and nose with a fairly bright coat.
From the first moments he showed his attachment to us, and put our company above the dog’s. He grew up to be a dog of a strong character. Confident, boldly goes through a dog's life. Very friendly and cordial towards the people he knows, keeps initial distance towards strangers. He does not like dog company, clearly showing that he does not accept obtrusiveness and confusion around him.
A pet dog and a couch potato when he can, persistent wanderer when there is an opportunity. He tends to be impatient, which is manifested by various sounds, although he rarely barks.
Winner of many titles at exhibitions. Participant in sport competitions (nosework, dogtreking).
Just a great dog, a great buddy and friend :)