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CONGO Regun (at home Bełtold)
Name and nickname: Regun CONGO
Date of birth: 25.08.2010
Sex: male
Pedigree number: MET Lagotto 30/10, PKR.VIII-26205
Colour: brown
Height in withers: 45,5 cm
Breeder: Laura Tanos
Health and genetics
JE: +/-
LSD: +/-
Furnishing: F/F
Hyperuricosuria (HUU): +/-
Patella: free
Bite: full scisors
Result for the persumed hereditary disease: unaffected (date 25.09.2019)
DNA profile (file to download): Wisdom Panel (2022/03/18)
IC: 0,1953125%
AVK: 93,5483871%
Possible colors: brown, orange, brown and tan