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TOSIA Atavi (at home Tosia)
Name and nickname: Tosia Atavi
Date of birth: 27.06.1998
Date of death: 17.02.2011 (12 years 7 months 21 days)
Sex: female
Pedigree number: PKR.VIII-39406
Colour: blenheim
Breeder: Andrzej Kromp

Titles: Zw. Klubu'2000
Breeding rights: breeding female /retiring
My first pedigree bitch, founder of the kennel. Everything started with her, we got to know the world of exhibitions together. Tosia was characterized by incredible empathy. It was the first one to show our home to new members of the herd. She was extremely patient, understanding. A great mother, she took great care of her own and other puppies with uncanny patience. Mother of the litter "A". She successfully fed the Polish Hunting Dogs from Tuhanów kennel, whose mother left immediately after giving birth.
Helandros JOSEPHINE (at home Josie)
Name and nickname: Helandros Josephine
Date of birth: 26.03.1998
Date of death: 31.03.2010 (12 years 6 days)
Sex: female
Pedigree number: 187/98, PKR.VIII-39913
Colour: blenheim
Breeder: Heli Jarvet (imp. Estonia)

Titles: Ch. PL., BOG IX place 1
Breeding rights: breeding female /retiring
Josie came to me as an adult 4-year-old bitch. It was brought to Poland by the Kawalkada breeding, in which she gave birth to two litters. At our place, she gave birth to one litter - "C". Quiet, calm, she tried not to disturb anyone. An unusual beauty and grace, we reached for victories and titles together. Great dog for exhibitions and a mother of champions - in each litter there was a dog/bitch with the title of champion.
COUNTESSA Królewski Przywilej (at home Counti)
Name and nickname: > COUNTESSA Królewski Przywilej
Date of birth: 15.01.2003
Date of death: 10.12.2017 (14 years, 10 months i 26 days)
Sex: female
Pedigree number: PKR.VIII-43081
Colour: blenheim
Breeder: Anna Strawa

Titles: Ch. PL.
Breeding rights: breeding female /retiring
Countessa is the daughter of Josephine and granddaughter of Tosia, the first dog with my kennel name and the title of Champion. An extraordinary beauty, with beautiful coat, intelligent - she learned everything very quickly and gracefully presented on the ring. She stood out from the first moments of her life. She gave only one litter - "D". It could stubbornly pursue the goal. Calm, with a philosophical and romantic nature. She could admire clouds in the sky, or butterflies on the plot.